Thursday, August 9, 2007

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Bodybuilding Success Doesn't Require A Workout Partner

Whenever I go to the gym I see people working out in pairs or small groups. In fact I’m usually one of a very few people in the gym who are training without a friend or “training partner.” For many, weight training is a social activity that provides a chance to hang out with a friend who, like you, is interested in fitness or bodybuilding. The problem is that picking the wrong person as your workout buddy, or choosing a training partner when you don’t need one is counterproductive to your success.

All Talk, No Action

A frequent problem with choosing the wrong workout partner is too much social conversation. Working out with a friend is great if he’s as focused as you are on building huge, chiseled Guns. But if he’s more interested in yakking about office politics, the weather or his favorite sports team you’re not going to get much done in your workouts. If you’re going to workout with a partner, make sure that he shares your commitment to staying focused on training while you’re working out. Small talk is fine, but life is busy and your workout time is limited. Don’t waste it chattering with a training partner who’s distracting you from your mission.

“I Just Want To Look Strong…”

Another problem that can result from choosing the wrong partner is conflicting training goals. Years ago I trained with a friend [we’ll call him “Jim”] who used to really frustrate me during our workouts. It was during a period when I was focused on adding mass to my arms and wanted a partner who would train heavy with me on my arm training days. Jim volunteered to join my workouts as he was initially interested in building both strength and mass through heavy arm training.

Unfortunately, Jim’s goals changed and he decided that he just wanted to “look strong” instead of actually increasing his physical power. He then began focusing his arm training on shaping and endurance movements that did little or nothing to build mass or power. The resulting conflict between Jim’s arm training goals and mine ultimately doomed our ability to train together. While we remained good friends, we realized that we could not continue to be training partners once our training goals diverged.

Whenever you choose a workout partner, try to select someone whose training goal matches yours. If you’re just starting out and increased mass is your goal, choose a partner who shares this objective. If you’re arms are already big but lack the shape or endurance that you seek, make sure that you’re workout partner is also focused on these goals. If you already have a training partner and find that your respective training objectives have diverged, you may find that an amicable decision to train on your own is better for your workouts.

Do You Really Need A Workout Partner?

Some people assume that working out automatically involves training with a partner. Upon deciding to join a gym or health club, they quickly launch a search for someone to join them in their workouts. This is a mistake. Before deciding to look for a workout partner you should first determine whether you really need one.

Having a training partner is great during cycles where you’re lifting heavy weight and need someone to spot you on failure sets [i.e., sets in which you push your arms to complete exhaustion]. A good partner can also help you stay motivated to continue your workouts through sticking points or other training obstacles. But if you generally don’t need anyone to spot you and you’re self-motivated, chances are you’ll be better off working out on your own.

The bottom line is that choosing a workout partner can seriously impact your ability to achieve your fitness or bodybuilding goals. So, if you decide that you need a training buddy, choose wisely to ensure that you get the most out of your workouts.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Body Building Workout Routines And Women - Do They Help?

Body building workout routines can help women over 35 lose weight

A recent medical study involving women over 35 found that body building workout routines could actually help them lose weight. After age 35, women lose up to 5 pounds of muscle a year and begin to maintain more fat.

Body building workout routines, the researchers found, help women keep or even gain muscle allowing them to lose more fat and weight. The study found that even strenuous body building routines in middle-aged women did not make them look bulky or masculine.

The number of women using free weights in the United States doubled between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. With the news about body building workout routines as a possible way to lose weight, more and more women are pushing iron.

Younger women who perform body building workout routines will not lose weight like middle aged women. They may even gain pounds, but the heavier muscle replacing the fat on their bodies will give them a sleek, toned look that cannot be achieved by cardiovascular exercise alone. Only body building workout routines can tone certain parts of a woman’s body.

The other benefit to women taking up body building workout routines is increased strength. As a woman ages, her upper body strength tends to weaken. Great body building workout routes focusing on the upper body will help a woman stay stronger longer.

Stronger bones can be achieved by performing body building workout routines. Women are in danger of developing brittle bones when they are older, but studies show this does not have to the case. The National Strength and Conditioning Association set exercise prescription guidelines for stimulating bone growth, which can be achieved through body building workout routines. The group recommends performing 3-6 sets of up to 10 repetitions with a one- to four-minute rest between sets

Building strong muscles with body building workout routines will help a young woman stay slimmer longer before she starts losing muscle tone in middle age. Get started today with body building workout routines to help you stay stronger and slimmer longer.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Body Building Then And Now

Where do you think body building and weight lifting originated? How does this type of fitness come about? The story will give you the idea how weight lifting helps massively the human body in developing muscle tissues overtime by doing a simple method of exercise.

The name of the athlete is Milo from Crotona. History tells that this man never lost a wrestling match, simply because of his great strength and muscle built. But before Milo became an unbeatable wrestler, his exercise only involved a young calf. Milo would carry the young calf on his shoulders each day as he roams around. Eventually, when the calf gained weight, this athlete was also able to gain his own strengths…especially muscles.

When the next Olympic Games came, Milo showed up carrying a full grown bull on his shoulders. This just proves to show that weight lifting when done in a proper phase and proportion, gives off astounding benefits to the body builder. This is also the same idea which has been adapted and carried on up to now.

Body building now has the exact same training procedures that Milo had although he didn’t exactly do it for hardcore training purposes. He did carry around a calf that would be a bull soon but didn’t do it to his body’s limits. Today, there are many misconceptions and fallacies developed over the years that gaining muscles should be done on long and exhausting hours. This is completely wrong. A body exhausted from hard weight lifting training doesn’t help at all. What it does is exhaust the body and eventually ends up needing longer rests than intended.

If you’re just starting with this type of training procedures, by all means, stop. Help yourself while you still can. The idea of gaining weight properly is not to allow your body to work until it can no longer function. Proportion and just enough time consumption should be observed. The process for doing this is called cycle and the following link will take you to more tips you need to know.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Body Building Women - Lifting Their Way To The Top

Body building among women has taken a very long time to catch on, and part of the delay has been that bodybuilding, until about forty years ago, was considered the domain of men. Until the 1980s, in fact, there were no professional body building women, and women who entertained the idea of strength training had their sexual orientation questioned.

But over the past two decades, women have been taking an increasingly prominent role in the sport of body building, and professional body building women have more opportunities to compete than ever before. The rising awareness of the importance of personal fitness which swept over the Baby Boomers as they approached middle age saw health clubs and fitness centers opening, it seemed, on every other block, and their managements understood that a woman’s money was just as good as a man’s.

Females who wanted to sculpt their bodies through weight training were not only welcome in those gyms; they were invited to participate in classes on body building for women. Some of them proved to be excellent pupils, and the professional bodybuilding women’s circuit was on its way.

“Pumping Iron II”

The rise of body building among women was the subject of the 1985 documentary “Pumping Iron II”, a sequel of sorts to 1977’s “Pumping Iron” which featured a very young Arnold Schwarzenegger before the Terminator was a gleam in a scriptwriter’s eye. “Pumping Iron II” focused on a group of body building women preparing for competition at the 1983 Caesar’s World Cup.

The Caesar’s World Cup, however, was a body building women’s competition staged specifically for the movie; the competition was open to both amateur and professional body building women--which violated the International Federation of Body Building’s rules--and one of the film’s screenwriters was also one of the competition’s judges, even though he had never before seen a body building women’s contest.

In spite of all its quirks, “Pumping Iron II” managed to bring female bodybuilding into the public’s consciousness, and its body building women began to be appreciated for the world-class athletes that they were.

The body building women competitive circuit is still growing and gaining a bigger and bigger following. It is not yet as recognized as the men’s body building circuit, but that is to be expected, because it has been around for a much shorter time. In another three decades, it may very well have caught up!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Proper Warm Up To Avoid Muscle Injuries

Bodybuilders always face the danger of getting a muscle tissue damaged or torn each time they step in the gym and start lifting weights for training. If you’ve been hanging around in the gym for some time now, there’s a big chance that you have met a person who have experienced muscle injuries or people who now have a bad knee or shoulder. This is a natural situation to happen to bodybuilders but it is never safe to think that a muscle injury could still get you back in the gym.

It’s best to take caution and always observe the proper warm up routine before proceeding with your normal bodybuilding exercises. Be sure you execute warm ups properly. It would be best to do two parts of warm up where the first part should be all about cardio exercises. Five minutes in the treadmill could get your blood circulating on all corners of your body but the actual length of warm up varies on the person’s age and physical condition. Also, you’d know when you’re ready for lifting exercises. Of course, you’d know your condition if you’re all pumped up for the heavy weight lifting activities ahead.

The second part of your warm up should consist of psychological convincing. Your body should agree with your mind’s goal which means that your workout for today should be better and satisfactory compared to your last performance. Bodybuilding wouldn’t be effective anyway if you don’t increase the level of what you could achieve for every new bodybuilding session. When you’re body is busy warming up the blood for circulation, you can mentally set your goal in mind at the same time.

Doing both parts of your warm up properly and regularly could immensely decrease the risk of getting your muscles torn, leading you to a great bodybuilding experience.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Body Building Software - Your Computer As Your Training Partner

Knowledge is power. And bodybuilders want to be powerful. So the idea of body building software, which gives bodybuilders a wealth of information on how to train, eat, and rest properly to achieve maximum results from their body building efforts, is a natural.

There is, after all, more to successful body building than strength and cardio training accompanied by carefully planned, nutritional meals--much more. The missing element is the understanding of how to do each of those things correctly. Getting your body building program off to a good start with good information is very important, and body building software can help.

Software To Train By

Body building software, however, is not merely educational; there is also software designed to let you track your bodybuilding routines and your performance. You can use this software to record your daily routines, compute the number of calories you burned, and let you remember which areas you need to keep working on and which ones are your strong points.

This software can act as a training partner, giving feedback which helps you hone in on the parts of your bodybuilding routine which are working and which ones need fine tuning to keep you progressing. And it’s all courtesy of the Information Age!

Costs of Body Building Software

Body building software is priced to fit anyone’s wallet, so don’t be afraid to check the available options. As with all software, body building software will be priced according to its technological features. But if you just want a basic informational or tracking body building software program, you will be sure to find one within your means.

The best body building software programs are written, illustrated and filmed by fitness trainers and other body building experts and will use information provided by the users--answers to questions about their gender, age, health, current fitness level, and where they normally work out--to customize body building routines with strength and cardiovascular elements.

Some body building software will even use computer logic to project what results you may expect to see from performing a particular routine for a specific amount of time; and some may customize body building nutritional plans.

You would not try to implement a body building routine without the right equipment; barbells, dumbbells, and a weight bench is simply essential. And once you have seen some high-quality body building software in action, you will understand why it is just as essential to the success of your body building routine.